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Alyssa Lynn
May 28th, 2016
Alyssa Lynn has finally made her Dogfart Network debut. The busty, blond MILF talks about her life prior to adult video. Alyssa was only in police academy for six weeks before dropping out to pursue a career in the medical field. Alyssa Lynn also touches on her life as a stripper and the types of customers that would proposition her on a nightly basis. We then discuss this being her third interracial porn scene. On set we find her "son" Robby Echo playing guitar in preparation for today's interracial cream pie scene. Robby keeps playing while we get more dirty thoughts from the mind of Alyssa Lynn. She reminds us that her fuck buddy suggested she get into porn because of her cock sucking ability. After we wrap, Robby and Alyssa her give feedback on what they call " a really fun scene." Alyssa Lynn wipes Isiah's cum from her pussy while talking about wanting to return to Dogfart.

Anina Silk Diya Noir
May 24th, 2016
Dogfart is deep in Budapest, shooting Hungarian barely-legal babe Anina Silk and one of her pals, the Russian Diya Noir. Diya's English isn't so good, but we did the best we could! Anina, who's much better English speaker, talks about everything from her first scenes in the adult biz to how Hungarian society thinks of and treats sex workers.

Adriana Chechik
May 23rd, 2016
Adriana Chechik's previous scene for the Dogfart Network saw her getting her ass fucked by the legendary Lexington Steele. She's now back for her first ever gloryhole scene...Anal, no less! We soon discover that her and Karmen Karma would engage in blowjob contests with one another when out clubbing. How many guys would each one suck off? Who would win?
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Kerry Raven
May 17th, 2016
We open our first BTS of the Dogfart Budapest tour with Kerry Raven, who's a European veteran in the JizzBizz! Since Kerry speaks very little English, we did our best with her before turning our attention to Isiah and JonJon, who will give us their take on Hungary.

Nadia Jay
May 16th, 2016
Nadia Jay nearly made our jaws drop when she exclaimed that she's never had a white boyfriend. Actually, it's par for the course that all the black girls we've shot have, at one time or another, had white dick in their private life. Right before her interracial gang bang, Nadia Jay says she intimidates white guys. She also shared other intimate details about her private life. Right before the main event goes down, we find Nadia Jay teasing some of co-stars. We continue to talk to Nadia as she has trouble focusing on the questions being tossed her way. Nadia Jay also talks about how she's going to take a few cream pies this afternoon. After Nadia Jay's interracial gang bang, we follow her to the shower. Robby Echo and Brad Hart give their seal of approval as the ebony beauty gives her feedback on what just went down. Nadia's shyness is absent when she sits on the toilet and attempts to squeeze out the three cream pies she just got. Nadia Jay ends her return to the Dogfart Network by washing off the filth and pressing those tits against the glass.

Shawna Lenee
May 15th, 2016
Shawna Lenee returns to the Dogfart Network for her first cuckold scene in an almost decade-long career! We spoke to one of Porn Valley's hottest veterans about the craziness she's seen behind the camera. Shawna prides herself on being professional, and the lack of unprofessional people she encounters weekly is no surprise! We touch on how she's managed to market herself so well, as well as this being her first interracial cuckold scene. After we wrap, enjoy watching Shawna clean up all the jizz! Shawna talks about how much she enjoyed her scene...and then we follow her to the shower. As she's showering off, Shawna talks more about her private life.
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Britney Amber
May 10th, 2016
The last time we saw Britney Amber was when she got fucked along with Keisha Grey for We now have her back for her first ever interracial gang bang.....with anal! We speak to Britney Amber right before Moe The Monster, Rico Strong, Slim Poke, Isiah Maxwell and Ricky Johnson have unrestricted access to all her holes. We find out from Britney Amber that she's been in adult video since 2007, and she speaks on her longevity . Britney gives us some filthy, personal stories from when she's not fucking on camera. During a brief break, director Billy Watson catches Britney Amber having "me time" with Slim Poke and Rico Strong. This is further proof that she's a bonafide black cock slut. We then head on over for pop shots from five big black dicks. After Britney Amber's first interracial gang bang, we follow her to the shower where she twerking that amazing white ass of hers. Britney gives feedback on getting her ass and Pusey fucked at the same time. We end our day with Britney Amber with her washing off the mess from another amazing Dogfart gang bang.

Alexa Grace
May 9th, 2016
Alexa Grace is back at the Dogfart Network after two highly rated scenes. Alexa talks about taking two huge black cocks for us--Sean Michaels at and Mandingo for Alexa speaks about those being the "biggest cocks" she's ever taken. We then switch topics to what she does for extra cash when not performing for major studios. Alexa Grace takes us through the various fetishes her webcam customers ask her to perform in. The requests for deviant things Alexa is asked to do range from tame to vile. We then talk about what it takes to be a responsible porn performer and what her top three items are on her Amazon wishlist. We next talk about what she can expect by visiting a gloryhole for a random black dick. Alexa Grace's first ever gloryhole scene is a wrap and she can't get over how much she enjoyed the experience. The blond beauty twerks right before jumping into the shower. After soaping up, Alexa Grace talks more about her interracial porn career and whether or not penis size is important.

Stella Cox & Nadia Jay
May 7th, 2016
You wouldn't know by Stella Cox's British accent that she was born in Italy! The self-proclaimed "amazing cocksucker" opens this BTS by talking about her entry into adult video. We then catch Stella Cox going through a variety of sex toys for her interracial lesbian anal scene with Nadia Jay. Stella holds each one and mentions whether or not she thinks her ass can take any of them. Dogfart director Billy Watson briefly joins the chat by asking Stella if she's be interested in doing an interracial blowbang. Wait til you hear her response! We discuss Stella Cox attempting to break Penny Pax's record of blowing 13 big black cocks. Stella Cox is up for the challenge of breaking that Dogfart record. We find Nadia Jay and Stella Cox rubbing their huge tits together for their pre-game interview. Both ladies compliment each other's busty blessings right before talking about what Nadia is gonna do to that white ass of Stella Cox. Both girls talk about their love of girl/girl sex, and then we head on over to set. Nadia Jay and Stella Cox's anal lesbian scene is a wrap and we find both girls giving one another props for an amazing scene. As we follow both ladies to the shower, we get more thoughts from both participants. We eventually find Nadia Jay cleaning her pussy outside of the shower, while Stella Cox is washing off. Nadia and Stella end up under the hot water, as a pair of phenomenal tits gets soaped up!
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