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Lexi Lowe
Apr 17th, 2016
Lexi Lowe is back on the Dogfart Network shortly after we shot her in an interracial gangbang. Lexi is in the middle of getting her wardrobe ready for her anal scene with Mandingo, and we discuss what she did prior to entering adult video. We also find out that Lexi specifically requested Mandingo for this shoot. We then discuss what Lexi Lowe can expect for this cuckold scene. We follow Lexi Lowe into the shower after her interracial anal scene with Mandingo. As she washes off the huge cumshots, Lexi talks about why she was (as always) late to work prior to porn...and why she's always on time to fuck on camera.

Marica Hase
Apr 12th, 2016
We have Marica Hase's first ever scene with the legendary Mandingo for the world famous Blacks on Blondes! The Japanese porn star ("AV Idol") tries breaking the language barrier by discussing the possibility of taking Mandingo in the ass. We also talk about Marica's first scene ever -- a 100-man bukkake in Japan. Marica also talks about the origin of the word bukkake as it relates to porn. We come across Mandingo and Marica Hase officially meeting on set. One can tell that Marica is anxious and nervous about taking the biggest cock in the adult film industry. Mandingo and Marica continue to break the ice right before their interracial anal scene for Marica gives us a brief solo as Mandingo is showering up. She nearly climaxes but is stopped by Billy Watson. The reason? He wanted the energy for the main event. We end our day with Marica Hase in the shower after her ass got fucked by Mandingo. The AV idol talks about being surprised she could take as much of Mandingo as she did.

Lexi Lowe
Apr 11th, 2016
We finally got Lexi Lowe performing her first ever gloryhole scene. The Welsh beauty has racked up over six years in adult video, and she's here making her debut on the Dogfart Network. We immediately hit on the differences between porn stardom in the U.K and here in the states. Lexi hits on just starting the interracial part of her porn career. Lexi also discusses constantly being mistaken for being English. After Lexi Lowe's interracial anal gloryhole scene, we listen in as she talks about public sex and her involvement in it. Lexi spreads her ass open for a glimpse as to what a random black cock just did to it. We end Lexi Lowe's time at Dogfart with her talking about a potential interracial gangbang for us. Anal included!
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Aj Applegate
Apr 5th, 2016
AJ Applegate returns to the Dogfart Network after a huge demand for an interracial anal gangbang. The blonde starlet is approaching her fifth year in adult video. We talk to her about longevity and why she loves what she does. We then get a glimpse into her open suitcase and come to find out that she came fully prepared for this Dogfart Classic. Lube? Check. Anal toys? She's got them all! We next find AJ Applegate meeting a few of her co-stars. Slim Poke, Isiah Maxwell and Jon Jon discuss the possibility of AJ tossing their salads for the scene. Were the guys down for it? We follow AJ Applegate to the shower after her interracial gangbang scene. Her just-fucked ass puckers up to the camera as she washes off after getting a huge creampie. AJ swallowed some of the popshots and cleans off the remnants of jizz that hit her beautiful face.

Ashley Pink
Apr 4th, 2016
Ashely Pink was last on the Dogfart Network for her first ever interracial gangbang. She's back, but now her asshole is for the white man's taking. We spoke to Ashley Pink about the positive feedback she received for her prior scene with us. We also come to discover that her sexual preference is white men and she had the reputation of being a white cock slut. Ashley shows us her anal preparation by displaying the buttplug she's had inserted all morning. We then head off to set for Ashley Pink's first anal scene. Right before the main event begins, we catch Ashley in the bathroom doing some last minute grooming on her black pussy. We even get some twerking and dirty talk before Ashley Pink heads outside to meet her white male co-stars: Kurt Lockwood, Jake Jace, Jack Vegas, Dray Stone and Markus Dupree. Billy Watson gets some candid thoughts from some of the male talent as we get ready for the shower of jizz Ashley Pink is about to get. Ashley's covered face gets baby wipes off while she talks about her first anal scene.....interracial, no less! We get her in the bathtub where she masturbates while using the bath hose. We finish our day with the black slut talking about how much she enjoyed this interracial anal gangbang.

Alexa Tomas
Apr 3rd, 2016
In this segment of Dogfart's Behind the Scenes, we sit down with the Spainard Alexa Tomas, and we talk about her life in Europe, as well as what she was doing before she got into the adult entertainment field. We spend some time talking about relationships, the cities she enjoys (and doesn't enjoy) working in, as well as what her future plans in adult are.
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Lexi Lowe
Mar 29th, 2016
Lexi Lowe is back at the Dogfart Network after getting her ass fucked by a random black cock for . We now have her back for her first ever gangbang, interracial no less! We speak to the Welsh beauty about what she does on her down time when she's not banging away on camera. Lexi Lowe also speaks on her fans on social media who kept asking her to do a gangbang scene. Her interracial porn fans were apparently more vocal. We then head on over to the adult video store where her five co-stars -- Rico Strong, Slim Poke, Moe "The Monster", Ricky Johnson and Jon Jon -- are waiting to take turns fucking her white ass. Lexi Lowe's first interracial gangbang comes to a conclusion after she took five huge cumshots from those big black cocks. We get Lexi Lowe wiping off the mess right before we take a tour of the adult bookstore. We stumble upon one of many video booths and Lexi gives her opinion on her surroundings.

Karlee Grey
Mar 28th, 2016
Take a step behind the curtains with Karlee Grey as we talk to her before her outstanding scene for the Dogfart Network's Interracial Karlee's a Florida girl, so she's done many BTS interviews. We tried to touch on subjects ranging from her personal love life to things she's never been asked before. Then, we bring her co-star, Jax Slayher, into the interview. We usually don't interview the male porn stars, but there's lots of things our members want to know about the men! We do our best to cover some of those topics. After the wrap, catch Karlee on the toilet, making pee-pee and talking about her on-camera orgasm!

Alexa Tomas
Mar 28th, 2016
Alexa Thomas is back at the Dogfart Network for her interracial gloryhole scene. It appears as if she's no stranger to sex in public, as this episode of Behind the Scenes starts with Alexa talking about all the different public places she's done it. The import from Spain goes into detail about the rush she gets from nearly getting caught from public sex. Alexa then hits on this being her first interracial gloryhole scene and why she's so excited about it. We then take Alexa Tomas over to an adult bookstore. Alexa Thomas wastes no time jumping into the shower after sucking and fucking a random black guy at the adult arcade. We come to find out that prior to entering adult video, Alexa Tomas was a bus driver for 6 years back home in Spain. We also discover that she's recently married to Joel Tomas, and that he was the one who got her into the industry. We end Alexa Tomas' return to Dogfart with her soaping up that stellar body.
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