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Cherie DeVille
Mar 6th, 2016
Fresh off the heels of her scene for GloryHole,com, Cherie DeVille is back for a different type of interracial scene. The blond MILF is back to dominate a cuckold while getting fucked by her Bull. We find out that prior to entering adult video, Cherie DeVille was a physical therapist that worked with several well-known athletes. We also discover that she "kept it professional" and never got down and dirty with any of her clients. We then discuss her ability to verbally annihilate a guy, and she gives a rough estimate on how many guys on Twitter ask her to cuckold them. Next, we get a glimpse of the shooting style of Billy Watson as he shoots pictures for the interracial cuckold scene. Stallion goes deep in Cherie DeVille's pussy while the cuckold knows his place. After the scene, we get Cherie in the shower with Chad Diamond. Ms. DeVille talks about why she's able to just dish out verbal punishment like nobody's business. We end the fun with Cherie DeVille soaping up those amazing tits.

Rachael Madori
Mar 1st, 2016
Rachael Midori is making her debut for The Dogfart Network. As Rachael's smoking, she talks about how she was a " prude" prior to entering adult video. In fact, she lost her virginity to her boyfriend while her parents were upstairs. The road to her love of public sex included giving a blowjob in the back of a Taco Bell. She got fucked behind a police station, too. We introduce Rachael to Ken LSD--who's doing his first scene ever. Rachael gives him some pointers on how to behave on set, and what he needs to understand if he's to be full-time male talent. We then head off to set, where Moe The Monster and Sean Michaels are waiting to give her ass some big black dick. After Rachael Midori's interracial scene with anal, we get feedback from all participants. Rachael gave Ken LSD praise. Veteran woodsman Sean Michaels gives Ken positive words, as Rachael is in the middle cleaning up from their cum shots. We end with Rachael Midori talking about wanting to return to the Dogfart Network.

Kagney Linn Karter
Feb 29th, 2016
Kagney Linn Karter returns to the Dogfart Network with a trip to a gloryhole. Before she heads off to an authentic adult arcade, Kagney Linn Karter opens up about not reaching the point of porn superstardom. It seems as if she can still go out in public without being mobbed by obsessed porn fans. We then head off capture Kagney Linn Karter's first ever interracial gloryhole encounter. After Kagney Linn Karter's interracial gloryhole scene, she reminds us that she's seen a lot of girls come and go since she first arrived onto the scene (2008). Kagney stays out of the porn drama that seems to follow most other girls in the industry. As she wipes off the remaining jizz from that anonymous black cock, Kagney talks about not being one to engage in public sex. The busty blonde ends her return to Dogfart by shaking those beautiful 36C tits.
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Alura Jenson & Piper Perri
Feb 28th, 2016
We have both Piper Perri and Alura Jenson back at the Dogfart Netowrk, and for Piper, it's her first scene with Mandingo. Piper discusses being nervous about being doubtful on whether she can take that big, black dick in her fuck box. The "spinner " talks about her height and how no guys are really shorter than her. Piper also discusses the "sexism" she faced while working in the restaurant industry prior to entering adult video. We then get Alura 'TNT' Jenson -- Piper's fellow performer -- to open up about how she got out of a bad relationship and why she's a changed woman. Alura Jenson and Piper Perri are no stranger to interracial porn, and they discuss their upcoming scene with Mandingo. At the conclusion of the scene, Piper is beyond happy about her ability to take all of Mandingo. Alura Jenson chimes in with her accolades on Piper's participation in the scene. We end today's fun with both ladies discussing an inevitable return to our network.

Adriana Chechik
Feb 23rd, 2016
After a long enough time of her fans (and ours) begging and pleading, Adriana Chechik is finally making her debut here at The Dogfart Network. This BTS starts off with some fan appreciation, as Adriana talks about the ways she's been approached her in public. Adriana also opens up about fucking her foster care father after when she got older. Apparently he ran for office in their small town and was destroyed by the opposition when he showed her nude photos around. The talk then turns to her co-star for her interracial anal scene, the one and only Lexington Steele! After the wrap, we follow Adriana Chechik to the shower, where she puts on another show, then end today's fun with Adriana giving her feedback on what just went down. She then proceeds to clean the mess from her anal creampie!

Priya Price
Feb 22nd, 2016
Priya Price is making her Dogfart Network debut after only being in the industry for the past four months. Priya's 32 DD tits are constantly in her hands as we talk about her prior life as a stripper. Some of her customers would take it upon themselves to expose their cocks to her without any provocation. Priya would have no issue getting a bouncer to eject someone while their dick was still in their hand. Priya talks about this being her first ever interracial threesome with two white guys -- James Deen and Chris Strokes.
We find Priya Price in the jail cell giving a double handjob to Chris and James, just moments after officially meeting them. The busty slut gives each white cock a lick before the main even unfolds. We also find out that Priya thought about getting into adult video as she was shaking those massive tits in the strip club.
Priya's scene comes to a conclusion after James Deen and Chris Strokes give her a massive double facial. Priya jumps into the shower where she discusses her belief in extra terrestrials. Priya gives her thoughts as to why we're not alone in the universe and those soapy tits shake the entire time.
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Kate England
Feb 22nd, 2016
Kate England is at Dogfart Productions for an interracial footjob scene. Prior to today, Kate England discusses what she's gone through in her fifteen months in adult video. We hear her discuss "divas" she's encountered and whether or not they have what it takes to have a long shelf life in this industry. Kate England writes her Dogfart sign right before Moe The Monster plays with her feet and fucks all her holes. Director Billy Watson gets the camera and shoots the breeze with Moe and Kate right before the main event. Kate has her cape going while showing off that amazing ass through her yoga pants. After Kate England wraps, we find her flossing her cum covered feet with baby wipes. Moe and Kate talk about wishing this were a creampie scene, but Moe's just happy that he's never had a pregnancy scare. Kate England hasn't had one either!

Sky Rodgers
Feb 21st, 2016
Sky Rodgers admits that she got into adult video later than most starlets. The cougar is in studio for interracial sex with the one -- and only -- Mandingo. We talk to Sky Rodgers about how she met her future ex-husband while she was a stripper. It seems as if his ability to toss "lots of money" her way was all it really took to catch her eye. Ms. Rodgers also talks about being a cougar and how she's glad she never has to buy drinks at a bar. Sky Rodgers then talks about how she transitioned into porn. After Sky Rodgers' interracial scene with Mandingo, she baby wipes the remnants of Mandingo's cumshot. We follow Sky into the shower and she talks about living in an apartment complex where her panties were stolen from the laundry. Sky soaps up her her huge tits while discussing what just went down with Mandingo for Dogfart Productions.

Keisha Grey
Feb 21st, 2016
While over looking the Porn Valley, Keisha Grey talks about her return here at the Dogfart Network. The last time we saw Keisha Grey, she was getting her ass stretched by Mandingo for Keisha is back for an interracial cuckold scene, and she considers herself the "cuck queen." Actually, any guy dating her is expected to be ok with Keisha bringing home another girl to spice things up! Before we walk to set, Keisha shares some sexy stories from her personal life!
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