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Chloe Couture
Feb 13th, 2017
You last saw blonde beauty Chloe Couture getting stuffed by the legendary Mandingo -- and the fan feedback was through the roof! It was a no-brainer that we bring Chloe back for a trip to the infamous glory hole. We spoke to Chloe about her insatiable appetite for dick. Anytime. Anywhere. Almost any kind of cock.....she'll do them all! Chloe talks about her love of "fuck dates" and what they entail. How often is she opening up the mouth and pussy for strangers off the internet? How many cocks has she tallied up since doing the internet "app" thing? Chloe gives great detail on what goes down, what's expected, and where the romp usually occurs. We change the topic to her excitement on visiting a raunchy adult bookstore. After we wrap, we catch Chloe in the bathroom immediately following her anal glory hole scene. What are her thoughts on interracial sex? Has she done much public sex? Chloe then discusses how she's having a "normal date" this evening. She talks about where and how she met this random guy. We end with Chloe talking about the deal breakers when it comes to whether or not she'll drop the panties.

Rachel Raxxx
Feb 12th, 2017
The 30 Triple J's returning to the Dogfart Network can only belong to Rachel Raxxx! You read right: 30 JJJs!! We last saw the ebony beauty getting railed by Chad White. How can she possibly outdo herself this time? How about a gloryhole? Rachel lights up a cigarette while discussing the interesting world of custom videos. What are some odd requests she's had? Is there such a thing as crossing the line? Rachel goes into detail about the various back problems she's suffered from carrying around those huge tits. We then talk about where she's had public sex.....and with who. With a random white guy's load still dripping from her tits, Rachel Raxxx gives her thoughts on what just went down. And we also talk about where she sees her porn career in the near future. We couldn't help talking about her tits....again, and when they started coming in. Was she teased in school? At what age did she become better known for her tits and not who she really is? We end with Rachel Raxxx talking about the scene we have her booked for. Is she genuinely into white guys?

Kenna James & Jasmine
Feb 11th, 2017
We have Kenna James and Jasmine Webb in for an interracial lesbian scene! While Jasmine's getting in make-up, we talk to Kenna about her porn career. It seems as if she's only done girl/girl scenes, and will eventually transition to getting dicked-down on camera...when the time is right. We discuss Kenna's previous job, and her interesting experiences with it. Who were the worst customers? And why did she make the jump into adult video? Then, we meet Jasmine Webb and introduce her to Kenna. Jasmine's from the U.K and is a recording artist. She gives us an impromptu singing performance as Kenna watches. Does she have what it takes to become a pop star? And take notice how Kenna is now speaking with an English accent. How did that happen? The wrap has both ladies nearly out of breath. Both discuss why their ad-libbing skills are above and beyond our expectations!
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Olivia Austin
Feb 11th, 2017
Olivia Austin's long-awaited Dogfart Network debut is finally here! We talked to the busty blonde about her life prior to entering adult video. We find out the exact moment she decided doing porn was her correct career path. And which legendary performer was the main influence on Olivia Austin? We then talk about how her fans have been asking us both to work together. And what does she expect from today's scene with Isiah Maxwell? We conclude Olivia Austin's scene with Isiah. The cumshot from Isiah is still fresh on her tits, while she and Isiah give one another high praise. We follow her to the bathroom, where she continues to clean off. We run through the various sites on our network and whether or not she'd be down to do them. We end with Olivia Austin getting ready to shower off that flawless body.

Aaliyah Love
Feb 7th, 2017
With such an amazing personality as Aaliyah Love possesses, it's a wonder why it's taken nearly a year to bring her back to he Dogfart Network. The blond veteran of over a dozen years in adult video talks about how this is her first time with the legendary Mandingo. And on a scale of 1-10, how nervous/anxious is she? We then discuss which site on our network made her jaw drop on first sight. And was Aaliyah Love was a sexual person prior to entering the adult film industry? Some brief down time on set has us talking a bit more with Aaliyah. We find her in the bathroom while Mandingo is showering upstairs. Aaliyah shows off that flawless ass, while discussing what she thinks will happen to her pussy after receiving Mandingo. Creamy panties are the result of a Mandingo cream pie. We follow Aaliyah Love to the shower, where she talks about what just went down. She washes off after getting Mandingo to pop twice on her-- once on her face, once in her tight pussy. We end Aaliyah Love's return to our network with a smile on her face that can't be wiped away. Should we bring her back for more?

Britney Amber
Feb 5th, 2017
What's Britney Amber been up to since her interracial gang bang for The Dogfart Network? We spoke to the busty slut while she created her Dogfart sign. The feedback for her Blacks on Blondes gang bang was overwhelmingly positive. Has she ever done one in her private life? And what does Britney think about doing today's cuckold scene? Can she be dominant? We also catch Britney applying a bit more make-up while Moe and Isiah are on set. Britney goes into details about the pros and cons of being dominant and submissive. Her co-star/cuckold Chad Diamond chimes in. We wrap another stellar day with a huge creampie oozing out of her pussy...and a messy face, Britney talks about what just went down. We also find out her ethnicity and why she thinks she comes off as pushy at times.
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Piper Perri
Jan 31st, 2017
Can you believe it's been nearly a year since Piper Perri was last on our network? We talked to the spinner about the trials and tribulations of being an adult film star. At what point did Piper consider herself famous enough to be labeled a porn star? Piper's beautiful lips wrap around a lit cigarette while we continue our little chat. The topic turns to Piper adapting to any type of scene for which she's booked, and what does she think of finally getting to work with Flash Brown? We then catch Piper in the bathroom putting the the finishing touches on her lipstick. Piper shows off her impromptu skills by pumping herself up for today's interracial scene. It's something out of a movie. We also ask her what feedback she's received for the other scenes she's done for the Dogfart Network. After we wrap, we follow Piper Perri to the bathroom, where she talks about what just went down. A spider in the shower breaks up the interview, but the petite performer doesn't let that stop her! We run down the remaining sites on our network and get Piper's thoughts on shooting for them. We have a sneaking suspicion you'll see her back here.

Rachele Richey
Jan 30th, 2017
You've seen Rachele Richey everywhere: HBO, Maxim and unnamed future mainstream gigs. The busty blonde returns to the Dogfart Network for an anal gloryhole scene.... but we got so much out of her prior to it. Rachele talks about working on the HBO show The Comeback, and what it's like doing mainstream vs. adult video. Does she prefer one over the other? Rachele Richey also discusses being Miss Teen Texas...and what that entailed. Rachele does the Dogfart sign while talking about when she began having anal sex. After the wrap, we head to the bathroom. Those magnificent tits are exposed while we talk about what just went down. We end by asking Rachele where she'd like to get out of her mainstream career.

Harley Jade
Jan 24th, 2017
Harley Jade finally makes her long-awaited Dogfart Network debut! You might be asking yourself why it's taken us a while to nail down this booking. We talk to Harley about whether or not entering adult video was a quick decision. What has she learned about herself in a year and a half in porn? We touch on how she got into the industry and how she's managed the fame that comes with it. The topic turns to social media and the few times a fan/follower nearly crossed the line. Finally, what does she think about finally shooting for us? How excited is she to work with Flash Brown? We conclude our day discovering why Harley won't shower in anyone else's house. What did she think about today's scene? And is she an actual size queen in her private life? We end our interview by running down some of the sites on our network to Harley...and if she's down to do them.
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