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Jasmine Webb
Jan 23rd, 2017
Jasmine Webb's in the bathroom putting the finishing touches on her wardrobe. Today she's got herself two white guys to play with: James Deen and Kyle Mason. And we come to find out today's scene ends a month-long drought for her black pussy. Yes, the English pornstar hasn't been "dicked down" in weeks. To say she's excited is an understatement. We follow her downstairs, where she introduces herself to Kyle and James. The next time we see Jasmine, she's practically serenading both of her co-stars with her amazing voice. And then we're off to the races. We conclude Jasmine Webb's interracial threesome scene by following her to the shower. Did we mention she gives us a twerking show in the process? We conclude by discussing the differences between shooting in the States vs. Europe.

Katie Morgan
Jan 22nd, 2017
Sometimes things in porn don't happen as planned. Katie Morgan's return to the Dogfart Network saw a slight bump in the road: the cuckold for today's scene backed out on set. Talking to the veteran of 15+ years in the business, Katie Morgan discusses an unnamed actress who ditched on one of her sets years ago. So things like this occur often in adult video? We bring in her co-star Jax Slayher to add to the interview. Katie switches gears to the last time she was on our network -- and it was with Mandingo for BlacksOnBlondes. How much positive feedback did her fans on social media toss her way? We then introduce the savior of today's interracial cuckold scene: Alec Knight. Alec was called in to replace the actor who initially bailed...and it worked out great! We end our day with Katie Morgan and the creamy mess Jax Slayher and Alec Knight left on her. As she cleans up, Alec comes back and talks about getting the call to be the last-minute replacement. Katie ends with a story about being stuck on set for 22 hours after one of the performers quit!

Jade Jantzen
Jan 17th, 2017
After three and a half years in adult video, Jade Jantzen is finally giving up the booty for black dick. We talk to Jade, who's making her Dogfart Network debut, about her early start in adult video. What were her expectations? Did she think she'd last as long as she has? We switch the topic to this being her first interracial anal scene. We get a boat load of information about Jade and why she has little patience for fans who try to troll her. We catch Jade Jantzen after the wrap with co-star Jax Slayher. While cleaning off the mess Jax left on her face, Jax talks about how smooth today's shoot went. And you know we had to follow her to the shower, where Jax is waiting to take pics with her. Jade concludes her day by requesting that we bring her band for an interracial gang bang.
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Natasha Nice
Jan 16th, 2017
It's been several years since Natasha Nice saw the inner walls of a gloryhole. However, she's giving up the ass this time around. We talk to Natasha Nice about porn professionalism and why some girls don't last. While creating her Dogfart sign, director Billy Watson joined the chat by complementing Natasha on her flawless tits. We then touch on her feelings about public sex, and why her booty is now for the taking. After the wrap, we talk to Natasha as she prepares to shower off. Natasha's perfectly natural tits get nice and soapy. Did we mention that she wants us to get all the black guys possible for a massive gangbang? Does she think she can take them all? Will all her holes be on the menu?

Kenzie Taylor
Jan 12th, 2017
What happens when Kenzie Taylor meets nearly a dozen black guys in "Club Dogfart"? See for yourself as Kenzie Taylor walks the room and introduces herself to her co-stars. The busty blonde tells each performer how she prefers to suck black cock. Rough? Sensual? Messy? What's on the table for Kenzie's first interracial blow bang scene? And why is she swallowing and not taking it on the face? We wrap Kenzie's return to the Dogfart Network with the obligatory post-scene interview. As she whips up any remnants of jizz off her body, Kenzie talks about whether or not this scene met her expectations. We follow her to the shower, where Tone Capone and Moe the Monster give their feedback. And which performer inquired about a golden shower immediately after the fiasco?

Selena Santana
Jan 10th, 2017
Selena Santana's debut on the Dogfart Network sees her going one-on-one with the one-and-only Mandingo! But before the festivities begin, we catch the slutty Latina smoking outside. And take a look at what little clothing she has on! We talk to the former Digital Playground contract star about her entry into adult video seven years ago. How did she get in? And how did her early sexual encounters plant the seeds for her to get into porn? Selena tells a hot story about an encounter she had with a fan while feature dancing. Later, we find Selena fingering herself while waiting in Mandingo. It was obvious from the moment we met her that today would be a stellar shoot day. Selena's Spanish flows from her lips while she warms her pussy up for Mandingo. Finally, we can't say enough great things about Selena Santana's first scene. The little hottie jumps into the shower, where she ends her day with us by twerking that amazing ass. She discusses whether or not she'd come back for a gang bang.
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Kenzie Taylor
Jan 8th, 2017
Today we're taking the cuckolding genre to the next level! You loved Kenzie Taylor with Mandingo, so it was only natural to bring her back to the Dogfart Network. We teamed her up with Flash Brown and his gigantic black dick. Before we went to set, we spoke to her and cuckold Slave Fluffy before the main event. What's off limits for this scenario? What can she do and not do to him? We get ready for the scene after the boundaries are drawn. And what does Flash Brown think of all this? We conclude Kenzie Taylor's interracial anal scene with another post-game interview. What did Slave Fluffy (who's well known in this arena) think about this scene? Did Kenzie's asshole hold up to Flash's length and girth? And we finally end with Kenzie talking about a return to our network....and the type of scene it'll be!

Amara Romani
Jan 3rd, 2017
Today's a milestone scene at the Dogfart Network! We present the biggest interracial gangbang ever shot on the site. Who's the lucky girl? Amara Romani! And the dudes? Fourteen! This is a real-life fantasy for our slutty seductress. The last time we shot her, Amari Romani demanded director Billy Watson book as many black guys as possible. We follow Amari around the pool hall, where she tells several of her co-stars how she wants them to fuck her. Love making? Nope. Passion? No way. Hardcore fucking and no holds barred action? Yes, please! And all her holes are on today's gangbang menu! We give you a glimpse into what it's like managing a gangbang of this magnitude. Watch as Billy Watson gives the entire cast direction while snapping off some of the hottest pics you'll ever see. Over a dozen guys + Amara Romani = utter mayhem. After we wrap Amara Romani's milestone interracial gangbang, listen in on the post-game interview. Ricky Johnson interrupts by giving her high praise. You can see the look of complete satisfaction on Amara's face....can you blame her?

Kenzie Taylor
Jan 2nd, 2017
The last time Kenzie Taylor was on the Dogfart Network, she was getting her holes drilled by the legendary Mandingo. What has she been up to since then? What feedback did she get from her fans and social media followers? We talk to the busty blond prior to her interracial glory hole scene. We talk to Kenzie about the time she lost her anal virginity and the circumstances around it. The topic of public sex comes up and whether or not she's walked that razor's edge. Next, we catch her tagging up the glory hole while discussing what she's expecting today. We conclude another stellar day with Kenzie Taylor as two loads of black men's jizz roll down her face. Kenzie has us hold off while she snapchats the aftermath. We also discuss how she got some more black cock in her ass-- and how it was a complete strangers. We watch as Kenzie lets the hot water run down her body, which concludes her triumphant return to the Dogfart Network.
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