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Jewels Jade
Dec 9th, 2016
The busty cougar known as Jewels Jade is back on the Dogfart Network! It was about a year ago when an on-set malfunction occurred -- and Jewels talks about what happened. What's she been up to since then? We talk to the veteran of an ever-changing industry. What would 2016 Jewels Jade tell her 2001 self? We then discuss the trials and tribulations of working with brand new male talent...and the headaches it can cause. Jewels talks about an unnamed company she worked for where her male talent gave her a premature creampie. What was her initial reaction? We then discuss today's scene being an interracial double penetration. After we wrap, we follow Jewels Jade into the shower after she swallowed two huge loads from Rico Strong and Isiah Maxwell. Jewels talks about how her social media account was deactivated because of vindictive "fans." She talks about finding a balance between interacting with her fans and having a private life. We end with her soaping up some of the biggest titties we've ever shot!

Kate England
Dec 6th, 2016
She's a favorite here at the Dogfart Network. She's Kate England, and she's giving us her first gangbang scene! Why now? What made Kate decide to take her porn resume up to the next level? Kate England goes over why she believes now is the time to give her fans (and ours) the gangbang of all gangbangs. Kate talks to fellow co-stars Ricky Johnson and Shane Diesel about this milestone scene -- and why she's offering up all the holes. Who says porn stars are bad actors? Shane Diesel and Kate England show their improvisational skills by giving us a preview of today's storyline. We conclude Kate England's interracial gangbang scene with the post-game interview. Could she swallow more cumshots if more were available? Shane Diesel joins the interview by shocking Kate England with some personal stories. Kate gets a lesson on how to take advantage of a cuckold's generosity. And according to Shane Diesel, it's a lifestyle she should exploit, since lots of guys have deep wallets.

Jennifer White
Dec 5th, 2016
What's it like being married to porn veteran? Are there any perks? As a cigarette dangles from her beautiful lips, Jennifer White talks about getting married shortly after landing in Porn Valley. The topic of jealousy comes up, and Jennifer speaks on it. The veteran of over six years discusses the benefits of being married to a pornstar with a sexual appetite that can never be fully satisfied. Jennifer White goes into detail about the first time she got double stuffed---and it wasn't on camera! We conclude Jennifer White's glory hole scene by catching her with a fresh creampie in her pussy. She forgoes the shower and talks about an upcoming dancing gig she has back east. We then talk about how the feature dancing world differs than that of adult video.
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Rachele Richey
Dec 1st, 2016
The busty blond known as Rachele Richey is making her Dogfart network debut....with an interracial blow bang! We talk to the happy-go-lucky performer about what makes her a "slut". Can it be the several times she had sex outside the comfort of her own room? Rachele gives half a dozen stories involving public sex -- and other deviant things she's done. We then talk about this being the first time she's sucked over a dozen black cocks on camera. What's going through her mind? Can she withstand all the black cock we're throwing her way? We catch Rachele Richey in the bar with some of her co-stars, prior to the main event. A.J. Fresh and Jack Blaque feel up those huge tits, while she gives yet another dirty story from her past. Rachele also talks about why she went from a natural cup size to the massive jugs you see before you. Rachele dishes out a couple of handjobs prior to sucking tons of black cock in the bar. We then find some of the male talent hanging around, and we get their thoughts on what's about to go down! After we wrap, we find Rachele wiping the creamy goodness from her face. What did she think about her first interracial blow bang scene? Will she give up the pussy next time? What does Rochele think about doing an all-out gangbang for BlacksvOnBlondes? Rachele baby wipes her face and tits clean while some of the crew jump in to offer their high praises.

Natasha Nice
Nov 29th, 2016
It's been several years since Natasha Nice saw the inner walls of a gloryhole. However, she's giving up the ass this time around. We talk to Natasha Nice about porn professionalism and why some girls don't last. While creating her Dogfart sign, director Billy Watson joined the chat by complementing Natasha on her flawless tits. We then touch on her feelings about public sex, and why her booty is now for the taking. After the wrap, we talk to Natasha as she prepares to shower off. Natasha's perfectly natural tits get nice and soapy. Did we mention that she wants us to get all the black guys possible for a massive gangbang? Does she think she can take them all? Will all her holes be on the menu?

Jennifer White
Nov 27th, 2016
We open today's Behind-the-Scenes episode with Jennifer White lighting up a cigarette alongside her cuckold, Nicky Rebel. It's been over 4 years since you last saw Jennifer White on the Dogfart Network. What's she been up to since during that time? How does Nicky feel about doing this interracial cuckold scene? We get Jennifer's feelings on humiliation cuckolding vs. the "hot wife" storyline. Jennifer White blows smoke into the camera as we discuss what's about to go down later on location. Soon, Jennifer is in the bathtub shaving her legs and pussy. She talks about rarely, if ever, growing her bush out to the size it is now. Did anything prompt her to stop? We also discuss this being an interracial anal scene and how many she's done. We get a close up shot of Jennifer's freshly trimmed pussy right before the main event begins. We wrap with the obligatory post-shoot shower interview. Jennifer's amazing ass leaves imprints on the shower door, while co-star Isiah Maxwell comes in to say goodbye. Does Jennifer want another shot at an interracial gangbang? How did Nicky Rebel feel about being allowed to drop an extra load on Jennifer?
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Ashton Blake
Nov 24th, 2016
Ashton Blake makes her Dogfart Network debut with an anal scene with Flash Brown. Before we head on over to set, Ashton Blake opens up to us about what it's like living the swinger life. She's been married for several years, and it turns out that her husband might be her biggest fan. Ashton discusses her husband's initial reaction to her desire to enter adult video. She also goes into vivid detail about what can go down at one of several swinger's parties she attends. Ashton Blake gives the rules that swingers should abide by at a party. We then head off to make some interracial anal romance. We then meet up with Flash Brown prior to their scene. It's been a while since he's been on a Dogfart set, and it's great to see him back! Ashton pulls out several sex toys that she travels with. We have her show off some of her wardrobe as Flash looks on. We wrap and find Ashton Blake covered in Flash Brown's jizz. Her "step-son" gives his thoughts on what just went down. We follow the busty cougar into the shower immediately following the scene. Ashton gets high praise from co-star Flash Brown. She gets into the shower, where the hot water and soap wash those massive tits. Will Ashton Blake and her husband watch this scene and fuck to it at its release?

Amara Romani
Nov 23rd, 2016
Amari Romani makes her Dogfart Network debut with an interracial POV scene with Isiah Maxwell. We get inside Amari's head by talking about the different type of men she's into. Fat guys? Check. Older men? You better believe it! Amara Romani goes into vivid detail about the dirty things that get her off. We talk to her about why she's into the various types of men, and how she got into the business. The interview takes an awkward turn when she discusses the desire to eat the Minion's ass! We find Amara Romani in the bathroom getting her ass ready for her interracial anal scene. Amara shows her quirky side by humping the side of the toilet. After her porcelain scene, Amari shoves the tip of her enema bag deep inside her ass. She tells us more about her deviant, sexual ways while making sure her ass is clean for the BBC she's about to take. After we wrap, Amari walks to shower off after swallowing a large load. Amari gives us more insight into her mind by requesting to break the Dogfart gangbang record. How many black guys does she want to fuck? Will her asshole also be up for the taking? Amari ends her day with us by talking about where she picks up fat guys, and whether or not they think she's fucking with their head by being so open about her sexual fantasies.

Alena Croft
Nov 22nd, 2016
Early on in this interview, we learn it's not a good idea to get on Alena Croft's bad side. The busty blond returns to the Dogfart Network for an interracial gangbang. However, prior to the festivities Alena mentions a nameless guy who pissed her off to no end. What did he do? How did she crush his self-esteem in the aftermath? We also discuss what is absolutely off limits as far as name calling is concerned. Alena meets Ricky Johnson while we wait for the six other guys to arrive. Ricky feels up her enormous tits while each compliment one another. Alena tells Ricky how she likes getting dicked-down by the black man. Once in the bathroom, Alena meets a few of her co-stars. Jack Blaque and Donny Sins can't keep their hands off her during the ensuing interview. We get her outside where the rest of the crew are relaxing. Alena goes over what she's comfortable with, as far as the shoot is concerned. We then go inside to make some interracial porn magic. Look how "dick drunk" Alena Croft is after her interracial gangbang. The look of satisfaction in her face says it all -- she got it good! She makes her way to the shower, where the filth gets washed away. Need we say more?
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