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Joseline Kelly
Nov 21st, 2016
Joseline Kelly, the slutty teen, is making her Dogfart Network debut via a trip to the infamous glory hole! Upon talking to her, we discover a Dogfart favorite is her roommate...but who? And has she given Joseline any advice regarding the crazy world of adult video? Joseline gives the smoking fetish fanatics a thrill by lighting up during the rest of this interview. Joseline gives a few examples of what makes her a "huge slut." We also discover that getting naked on camera runs in her family. Which family member shed some clothing for print ads some years back? After Joseline Kelly's interracial glory hole scene, we get her cleaning off in the bathroom. Joseline forgoes the shower, and talks further about why she got into the adult film industry. And the topic of losing her virginity closes out another phenomenal Dogfart shoot.

Tiffany Tosh
Nov 21st, 2016
It's her first scene ever, and Tiffany Tosh is starting her porn career with a bang! A gang bang, that is!! Tiffany's a self-proclaimed "slut for white boys", and she's jumping into the porn pool with this, her first-ever scene! Tiffany discusses being a "house girlfriend" and why she only dates white guys. What was she doing to earn her keep prior to today's milestone? Tiffany goes into detail about why she's made the leap into adult video. And what does it take to get her to drop her panties on the first date?We follow Tiffany Tosh as she meets some of her co-stars today: Logan Long, Leo Christensen, and Kurt Lockwood. She tells the guys who she wants to be fucked and what her limits are. Kurt, the veteran performer of the group, feels her up and gives her a preview of what's to come. We find Kurt and Tiffany fucking right before the scene. According to Lockwood, they're just warming up prior to the main event. You can see the look of pleasure on Tiffany Tosh's face while Kurt gets his dick wet in her black pussy. We wrap Tiffany Tosh's first ever scene by following her to the shower. The gigantic/massive/ridiculous amounts of the white man's cum all over her face and tits. Tiffany showers off the filth while Leo Christensen pops into the bathroom. What was Tiffany's reaction to the tidal wave of jizz Leo shot on her face? Is there a chance we could see Tiffany Tosh back on the Dogfart Network?!

Daya Knight
Nov 20th, 2016
The 34 DD's coming your way belong to ebony beauty Daya Knight. The 19-year-old pornstar, with braces, has some of the best tits we've ever seen. We're getting Daya Knight's third scene ever. And what better way to get the dirty side of Daya than with a trip to the gloryhole? We talk to the huge-chested cutie right before she took on a random white cock. At what point did she decide to take the dive into the world of adult video? How did she make ends meet before getting on her knees in a gloryhole? We also discuss the various public places where she got down and dirty with white guys. We next see get Daya Knight in the shower, immediately after swallowing a random load of jizz. Daya discusses how long she sees herself fucking on camera. Does she have aspirations to do more than just perform? The gigantic tits of Daya get soapy while we continue talking about her future porn plans. We conclude Daya Knight's Dogfart Network debut with a chat about possibly coming back for
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Nina Elle
Nov 15th, 2016
She was a dirty dental hygienist who behaved inappropriately at work. She's told us almost all the dirty things she's done when the camera isn't recording. She's Nina Elle, and she's back on the Dogfart Network! We talk to Nina about growing up in Germany (and a certain experience she had with a security guard in a parking garage!) What went down....and was anybody watching? We then present her with a Dogfart t-shirt, as a thank you for all she's done for us. We also discuss Nina's love for black dick when it comes to fucking off camera. We head off to location to shoot her interracial scene with Mandingo. We catch Nina Elle in the bathroom right before getting the Mandingo treatment. She discusses whether or not she's a "size queen". We continue to talk about other dirty things she's done when there's no camera to be found. How insane did things get? During a break in action, Dogfart director Billy Watson talks to Nina Elle immediately following her squirting all over the place. After the wrap, we follow Nina Elle to the shower after taking all of Mandingo. We give her high praise as a result of the stellar performance she just dished out. As she soaps up those massive tits, Nina Elle discusses porn professionalism and why she doesn't consider herself a "porn veteran". We end with Nina talking about a future return to our network of sites.

Ashley Adams
Nov 13th, 2016
The busty beauty, known as Ashley Adams, is back on the Dogfart Network! Ashley was last seen milking a random black cock via a gloryhole. How can she top herself? How about a cuckold session with two additional cumshots? We talk to Ashley and co-star Leo Christensen about what she can expect in today's scene. Has she ever cuckolded a guy before? We then discuss the potential of Leo Christensen completely drenching Ashley Adams with his cumshot. Ashley seems up to the challenge of getting sprayed by Peter North version 2.0!! We then go over Ashley's wardrobe...and the awesomeness of her huge, natural tits. How big are they? How have they gotten her out of trouble? We then talk about why her rideshare passenger rating is so low. Perhaps showing her tits to the drivers would help out? We catch Ashley and Isiah warming up to one another before the scene. Her cuckold, Nathan Bronson, looks on while both performers cozy up. We end Ashley Adams' interracial creampie scene by watching her cover up the mess Leo Christensen and Nathan Bronson left on her face. Did Ashley expect that much jizz? We catch Ashley wiping her huge tits from the dripping, semen remnants. We end our day discussing why she loves shooting for The Dogfart Network, and the unnamed female performers that won't shoot for us "because of our name".

Katy Jayne
Nov 8th, 2016
She's doing her third adult film ever....and it's her first interracial porn! Katy Jayne is a busty blonde from the United Kingdom. Before getting into adult video, Katy earned her keep by working in an adult video store back home. We discuss the various types of customers she encountered. Who was the creepiest? Who was the nicest? What was the code of conduct in the store? We finally touch on why she got into the business at the age of 28. We then discuss this being her first interracial scene and what she's heard of Mandingo. Is she a size queen? How many black guys has she been with off camera? After the wrap, we catch Katy moments before washing off after the scene. Katy gives a few more stories involving her time working in a sex shop. Katy remembers how a few customers were caught attempting to steal some of the sex toys. What did Katy think of her first interracial scene? Was Mandingo as big as she thought?
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Summer Day
Nov 7th, 2016
What other bombshells can Summer Day drop on us? The blond slut returns to the Dogfart Network for an anal, interracial gloryhole scene. We caught up with Summer and found out about her anal preparation techniques. Which female pornstar, that we recently shot, helps Summer Day by fisting her ass prior to an anal scene? Does Summer prefer anal sex or good ol' fashioned fucking and sucking? Summer continues the interview by discussing dating a non-porn guy and how she's going to break the news to him that she fucks on camera. We then discuss how this is her first time at a gloryhole. We catch Summer Day in the bathroom, after taking a random black cock in her ass. We get a few more public sex stories from Summer. What revenge she exact on her sorority sisters in college? How many guys did she fuck in her freshmen year in college? We find out the sordid details on Summer's life before she got into adult video.

Valentina Nappi & Chanell Heart
Nov 1st, 2016
The busty Italian, known as Valentina Nappi, is back on the Dogfart Network! You've seen her get all her holes filled for an interracial gangbang over at Blacks on Blondes. She's a member favorite, so it was only natural to shoot her first ever boy/girl/girl interracial threesome scene. We catch up with Valentina by discussing her popularity back in Europe. Do her European fans recognize her as much as the Americans? Chanell Heart joins. The ebony pornstar talks about finally getting the chance to work with Valentina. Chanell ignores the camera while getting a bit more comfortable with Valentina...and her spectacular tits! Valentina re-enacts a "random sex" story using Chanell Heart as her model. Enter Prince Yahshua, their co-star! Chanell and Valentina discuss some of their experiences while making a living in adult video. Prince chimes in and discusses his excitement for getting to get inside Valentina's ass. We head on over to set, but only after Chanell gets some more playtime with Valentina. When we wrap, the sweat is still covering their bodies. Prince and Valentina give positive praises for their performances. We conclude our day by discussing the cream pie Prince blasted inside Valentina Nappi.

Millie Stone, Mya Mays
Oct 31st, 2016
With only a handful of scenes under their belts, Mya Mays and Millie Stone are in the house for the Dogfart Network! We talk to Millie Stone about the circumstances in which she entered adult video. Millie also touches on her legit love of white guys and the insane things she's done with them off camera. Millie Stone whips out her 34C's and discusses how her white boyfriend is content with her fucking on camera. We then meet her co-star Mya Mays. Mays is also brand new and officially meets Millie Stone prior to the arrival of Xander Corvus. Both ladies have a friendly argument over who can twerk the best....and a twerk-off ensues! We also discuss this being their first interracial threesome scene. On a scale of 1-10, how anxious are they? The topic of ass eating comes up with Millie, Mya and Xander. Both ladies are down to toss his salad, but Xander doesn't seem too down! We then get Millie Stone practicing her acting chops for the scene. We wrap with Mya Mays and Millie Stone with the obligatory post-scene shower. Mya rubs her ass and titties against the shower glass, while discussing returning for a scene for CumBang! We find Millie Stone outside, where she demands more guys in her blowbang than Mya's. What other feedback did both ladies give after this interracial threesome?
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