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Summer Day
Oct 16th, 2016
While wrapping her lips around a lit cigarette, Summer Day discusses her previous time here at the Dogfart Network: Summer Day was taking Dredd up her tight, white ass. We discover she's a long time fan of the adult business. When did she start watching adult video? What genres were her favorite? We switch gears to Summer's personal, off-camera sex life. We also discover Summer has a non-industry boyfriend. When and how will she break the news to him concerning her career choice? What type of reaction is she expecting? We then discuss how she's going to take about three feet of black cock in her ass. After we wrap another great scene with Summer Day, her co-stars Ricky Johnson, Sean Michaels and Rico Strong jump into her interview with words of praise. Summer's walk to the shower has her discussing what's going through her mind and her return to The Dogfart Network.

Kenzie Taylor
Oct 11th, 2016
Kenzie Taylor is making her Dogfart Network debut with a bang -- a Mandingo invasion of her ass. However, she's "nervous and worried" about whether or not her ass can take every inch of Mandingo Meat. We talk to Kenzie prior to meeting her famous co-star on location. While getting her wardrobe ready, Kenzie Taylor discusses how she prepares for anal sex on camera. Dogfart director Billy Watson chimes in with his own questions while Kenzie's finalizing her wardrobe section. Right before Mandingo stuffs his black meat into her ass, we get The Minion pouring lube into Kenzie Taylor's ass. The busty blonde finger fucks her ass in preparation for a black dick (which she's still questioning if she can take). We wrap Kenzie's Interracial anal scene with high praise for both her and Dingo. Kenzie's initial doubt quickly erased when her white ass took all of Mandingo. Kenzie allows us to follow her into the shower, where she still has a huge grin on her face. Can you blame her? She was able to get her ass fucked by Mandingo -- a milestone by itself. She then discusses the desire to do a 10-15 man interracial blow bang for us. Should we make it happen?

Ashley Adams
Oct 10th, 2016
Can you believe it's been five months since we last had Ashley Adams on the Dogfart Network!? Ashley discusses why this is her first scene in nearly half a year. What were the circumstances? How did she keep her bank account filled during her off time? Ashley then talks about the massive amounts of positive feedback she received from her interracial scene with Mandingo for Apparently she really didn't consider herself a "squirter" until she got that legendary, over-sized black cock deep inside her! We also discuss the right and wrong ways a fan should approach a performer...then switch to how she's doing her first-ever gloryhole scene...and it's for us! Has she ever had public sex before? If so, what were the circumstances? Once back at Dogfart's headquarters, Ashley Adams talks about how she just received a creampie, deep in her white pussy. The obligatory post-scene shower sees her washing up some of the best tits we've EVER seen. Ashley goes into detail about another time she got down and dirty outside the comfort of four walls and a ceiling. The busty slut then talks about returning to the Dogfart Network for a 3-on-1 interracial fuckfest.
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Brittney White
Oct 10th, 2016
Those gigantic ebony tits belong to Brittney White. She's making her Dogfart Network by doing her first-ever interracial threesome. As we wait to meet Chris Strokes and Kurt Lockwood, Brittney discusses how her first taste of dick came on camera. Let me repeat: Brittany wasn't with a man until she landed in Porn Valley and stepped on set. Turns out Brittney is a lesbian! She discusses what it's like being in a lesbian relationship. The topic then changes to her amazing tits and how she's always popping out of her tops. After we wrap a terrific scene, watch Brittney White as she's about to enter the shower. Can you blame her? Chris Strokes and Kurt Lockwood just gave her two huge cumshots. The 19-year old ebony beauty washes off today's jizz as we continue to discuss her porn career. We attempt to see if she'd do an anal gloryhole scene for us, but it looks like her third input is off limits. We end by having Brittney soap up some of the best tits ever seen in the industry! We don't think you'd disagree!!

Chloe Couture
Oct 4th, 2016
She's adamant that she can take every single inch of Mandingo. She's Chloe Couture, and her dedication to sticking huge things in her white pussy will be tested today. The 5'6'' white girl tells us that she discovered porn early in life. She watched the performers she one day would end up working with on camera! Chloe Couture talks about jumping at the chance to get into adult video the minute she turned 18 and her excitement to finally do an interracial scene with Mandingo. Speaking outside with Chloe Couture, we find out that she recently had an off-camera threesome with an unnamed director in the industry. It turns out that she's more inclined to do a booty call if a threesome is involved. We then head on over to set where Mandingo awaits. After we wrapped, Chloe's amazing ass leads the way to her post-scene shower. She shakes that ass while ranting and raving about the power of Mandingo's fucking ability. We end with Chloe by having her soap up and wash down.

Karlee Grey
Oct 2nd, 2016
Karlee Grey and her amazing 36DD's are back on the Dogfart Network. And did we mention today is her first threesome scene? And did we fail to mention it's her first cuckold scene too? With a bunch of firsts, we talk to Karlee Grey about what she's expecting going into this milestone scene. We also touch on the pros and cons of being a sex worker in 2016. Karlee Grey goes into detail about why she chose adult video, and how long she sees herself fucking on camera. We eventually meet Karlee's cuckold, Brad Hart. Brad's hands start exploring his co-stars flawless body right before Rico Strong and J.C Power get to her. Brad and Karlee go over the misconceptions about porn stars and what may happen on set. We get Karlee twerking that ass and shaking those tits minutes before the bell rings. It's a wrap after three huge loads are blown onto Karlee Grey. We follow that amazing ass to the shower, where J.C Power is waiting to soap up her great tits. While in the shower Karlee Grey has J.C hold the nozzle over her head. As she's soaping up, Karlee gives the porn newcomer major props for this interracial threesome. He's brand new but wasn't shy about getting extra time with Karlee in the shower.
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Dahlia Sky
Sep 27th, 2016
It's been a porn journey of almost six years for Dahlia Sky....and this is the first time she's worked with Lexington Steele! We spoke the the returning tattooed pornstar about her longevity and why it's taken this long to get a scene with her and Lexington Steele. Dahlia discusses being "excited" about testing her asshole's limitations with the legendary performer. Is she a size queen? What does she expect regarding today's interracial encounter? Then, Dahlia Sky meets Lex with a slow tease and lap dance. It's evident that her nerves quickly vanish as they lock lips on set. To say the chemistry is there is an extreme understatement. Both performers continue to feel each other out before the games officially begin. Dahlia gets into the doggystyle position so she can have her butthole warmed up. Billy Watson continues to interview her during a break in action. We end our day with Lexington Steele giving high praise to Dahlia Sky's performance. We get a closer view of the havoc caused by Lex's legendary dick. Dahlia sounds like a fangirl while telling Lex how much she enjoyed their interracial anal scene together. Shower time with Dahlia Sky sees her discussing what her porn plans are for the future.

Alyssa Lynn
Sep 27th, 2016
Alyssa Lynn, one of our favorite "coogs", is back on the Dogfart Network for her first-ever scene with Lexington Steele! Alyssa speaks on the positive feedback she received for her porn scene for Watching My Mom Go Black. It also seems as if her fans constantly bring that scene up to her via social media. We also discuss her nursing career and some of the grotesque things she's had to deal with in the doctor's office. Lexington Steele arrives to set and the two are formally introduced. Alyssa mentions that she's heard that Lex is "huge", and she's worried if she can take all of his legendary BBC! As she's cleaning up after Lex's huge cumshot, Alyssa Lynn listens in as Dogfart director Billy Watson shoot the breeze with Lex. What types of girls is he into? What type of ladies does he prefer not to get booked with? And, most importantly, who are his all-time, favorite co-stars? We then follow Alyssa Lynn to the shower to wind this segment down!

Ryan Riesling
Sep 26th, 2016
The first time you saw Ryan Riesling in an interracial scene, it was a gangbang for the world-famous Blacks on Blondes. Since then, she won July's Dogfart Girl of the Month contest! We talk to the self-proclaimed "black cock slut" about her BBC exploits over the years. College? Personal life? Ryan's done her duty to satisfy all the black men she can get her grips on. We go into more detail about why she prefers the dark meat. The topic changes to glory holes. Did we mention that those beautiful lips of hers are smoking a cigarette during this entire interview? After we wrap, Ryan's showering back at Dogfart Headquarters. The twerking glory hole visitor talks about fans, her Twitter feed and what separates her from porn girls that "need to party all the time." It seems as if Ryan lives and breathes for her next fix of black dick!
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